Prime 15 Cities for Hipsters in 2022


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For those who love all issues indie, classic and fuzzy, you might be prone to head to top-of-the-line cities of 2022 for hipsters.

That is the explanation for this Lawnstarter rating of the 200 largest U.S. cities: to assist maximize your possibilities of discovering circa-Nineteen Seventies alpaca wool coats, cage-free eggs, and simply chilly vibes.

We checked out 30 anti-cool elements—from thrift shops, entry to farmers’ markets, and vinyl data to unicycle- and morning rave-friendliness.

Take a look at the highest cities for the fashionable bohemian under.

1. New York, NY

New York City
Taiga /

Total Rating: 83.94

Trend Rank: 1

Way of life Rank: 2

Tradition Rank: 1

Meals and Beverage Rank: 1

2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles
ESB Skilled /

Total Rating: 67.26

Trend Rank: 2

Way of life Rank: 7

Tradition Rank: 2

Meals and Beverage Rank: 5

3. Portland, OR

Aerial view of Portland with Mount Hood in the background.
josemaria-toscano /

Total Rating: 57.49

Trend Rank: 13

Way of life Rank: 3

Tradition Rank: 4

Meals and Beverage Rank: 2

4. San Francisco, CA

san francisco
Pius Lee /

Total Rating: 56.52

Trend Rank: 19

Way of life Rank: 1

Tradition Rank: 3

Meals and Beverage Rank: 4

5. Chicago, IL

Dream Grasp /

Total Rating: 52.61

Trend Rank: 4

Way of life Rank: 26

Tradition Rank: 6

Meals and Beverage Rank: 3

6. Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington

Total Rating: 51.88

Trend Rank: 14

Way of life Rank: 4

Tradition Rank: 5

Meals and Beverage Rank: 6

7. San Diego, CA

dancestroke /

Total Rating: 48.88

Trend Rank: 6

Way of life Rank: 1 1

Tradition Rank: 10

Meals and Beverage Rank: 7

8. Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado
f11photo / Shutterstock

Total Rating: 44.43

Trend Rank: 25

Way of life Rank: 5

Tradition Rank: 18

Meals and Beverage Rank: 8

9. Austin, TX

Austin, Texas
Roshetzky Images /

Total Rating: 43.21

Trend Rank: 9

Way of life Rank: 10

Tradition Rank: 16

Meals and Beverage Rank: 12

10. Atlanta, GA

Little Five Points District in Atlanta, Georgia
ESB Skilled /

Total Rating: 40.93

Trend Rank: 16

Way of life Rank: 14

Tradition Rank: 8

Meals and Beverage Rank: 20

11. Miami, FL

Miami, Florida

Total Rating: 39.88

Trend Rank: 1 1

Way of life Rank: 6

Tradition Rank: 23

Meals and Beverage Rank: 17

12. Washington, DC

Supreme court
multitel /

Total Rating: 39.54

Trend Rank: 50

Way of life Rank: 19

Tradition Rank: 1 1

Meals and Beverage Rank: 1 1

13. Oakland, CA

Oakland, California
Yelfman /

Total Rating: 37.99

Trend Rank: 57

Way of life Rank: 12

Tradition Rank: 13

Meals and Beverage Rank: 36

14. Sacramento, CA

Adonis Villanueva /

Total Rating: 37.09

Trend Rank: 17

Way of life Rank: 15

Tradition Rank: 29

Meals and Beverage Rank: 18

15. Orlando, FL

Orlando Florida

Total Rating: 36.76

Trend Rank: 20

Way of life Rank: 33

Tradition Rank: 14

Meals and Beverage Rank: 14


girl relaxing outside
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We ranked the 200 largest US cities for hipsters primarily based on their general rating (out of 100 potential scores) from finest (#1) to worst (Quantity 200), which averages out the entire weighted metrics listed under .

  • Variety of City Outfitters Areas
  • variety of thrift shops
  • Variety of classic and consignment shops
  • Variety of Tattoo Parlors
  • variety of barber outlets
  • environmental consciousness
  • car-free-friendliness
  • biking-friendliness
  • city gardener-friendliness
  • craftsman friendliness
  • stoner-friendliness
  • variety of yoga studios
  • host morning rave
  • variety of document shops
  • Music venues per 100,000 residents
  • variety of vintage outlets
  • Variety of “Native Style” spots
  • variety of artwork galleries
  • Variety of artwork homes and unbiased film theaters
  • Variety of unbiased bookstores
  • Variety of Electrical Scooter Rental Suppliers
  • Skate park per 100,000 residents
  • Variety of vegetarian and vegan eating places
  • Farmers market per 100,000 residents
  • Variety of on-farm markets inside 30 miles
  • Variety of Dealer Joe’s and Complete Meals Areas
  • Variety of Craft Breweries
  • Variety of Dive Bars
  • Variety of Whiskey Bars
  • No. of Espresso Roasteries

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