Double hits in volleyball are sometimes judgment calls by the referee, because the motion is so speedy that it’s troublesome to establish with certainty. The double hit guidelines, as set forth by USA Volleyball, set cases when a double hit is permitted and when it’s not acceptable, however the ultimate name is on the courtroom when the referee observes the motion.

double hit definition

A double hit happens when a participant touches the ball with a couple of physique half whereas trying to hit the ball. That is usually the shoulder, higher arm or higher physique, the place contact happens in addition to hitting the ball with the participant’s fingers. The ball might also bounce off a participant’s physique half, equivalent to his knee, earlier than hitting him together with his fingers. Secondary physique contact is often unintended, however remains to be not permitted within the overwhelming majority of circumstances.

unacceptable double hit

Double hits aren’t permitted throughout fundamental play, equivalent to when a participant is returning the ball or setting it within the air for an additional participant to hit the online. For instance, if a participant’s fingers aren’t collectively when hitting the ball, for instance, the referee could name it a double as a result of one hand hits the ball earlier than the opposite. If a participant units up a ball that’s then struck by one other participant on his group, the primary participant could hit once more to ship the ball over the online; Every group is allowed three hits per play. So long as the primary participant doesn’t contact the ball twice in a row with any physique half, he could hit twice throughout a sport if his hits are separated from hits by the opposite participant.

acceptable double hit

There are events when it’s acceptable for a participant to hit the ball twice in a row. When the opposing group sends a tough hit, equivalent to throughout a serve or a spike, double hits are acceptable. When taking part in in a serve or digging – or shortly falling to your knees to hit the ball earlier than it touches the ground – double hits are permitted. When a participant jumps over the online to dam the opposite group’s spike, the block shouldn’t be thought-about a success. Which means that if the participant hits the blocked ball up within the air, then hits it a second time to ship it over the online, no double hit needs to be referred to as.

a number of participant interplay

A number of group members could scramble for the ball and contact it on the identical time, which doesn’t rely as a double hit. If two individuals contact the ball concurrently, it counts as two out of three hits per sport. Neither of these two individuals can contact in that sport to ship the ball over the online; If one does, it’s thought-about a double hit, so the third participant should finish the play. The identical rule impacts three individuals touching the ball. Nevertheless, this counts as three hits, the utmost quantity allowed on every play. No different individual on the group can contact the ball in that sport.